Shanghai is Calling

There have been many variations of this quote, but for the most part, it goes like this:

“China is a sleeping dragon. For when she wakes, she will move the world.”

This is attributed to none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. Two centuries later, the world is still trying to figure out what to do with this dragon, who is now–most people may agree–is stirring, if not already awake.

Being Chinese myself, it’s fascinating to see other people being fascinated about China. I just read this article about what shocks foreigners most about China, and to be honest, I think I was more surprised that most of these are shocking because I lived with or knew these all my life. This is especially because I have lived in Hawaii most of my life and do honestly consider myself a Twinkie. (or to use my mother’s words, a banana)

But I too am fascinated by China. If you have ever seen this movie:

you will find that Shanghai is absolutely stunning…and not just because Daniel Henney is in it. (Seducing Mr. Perfect and Big Hero 6, anyone?) But of course, that’s not the only reason why I’m interested in going. I do love xiao long bao though…

Perfectly formed.
How could you even resist?
No. You can’t.
One more picture! You’re welcome.

Just a week ago, my acceptance letter for international exchange for the Fall 2015 semester arrived from Fudan University. I had already known for months that I would be going to Shanghai, but the acceptance letter just made everything more official, because now I had documentation to back it up! Since I had already gone abroad, I noticed that I am significantly less nervous this time, but I know China will be very different from Germany.

I will leave Honolulu in about two months’ time, during which I will be making preparations such as applying for a multi-entry visa (I still have the travel bug; 19 countries didn’t take it out of me quite yet), finding housing, brushing up on my barely existent Mandarin (I took third-year Chinese two years ago, so it has to still be there somewhere!), finishing up work and my internship at Accenture as well as doing as many island-y activities as I can!

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